Our History

Who We Are

west texas roofing buildingIn the Lubbock area around the mid 1950's, Tom Jackson, a roofer and future entrepreneur, started a small town roofing company. Mr. Jackson would sell roofs and install them and then do the billing, warranties and paid the bills at night. His company started to grow and eventually became West Texas Roofing.

In 1985, the company started a small branch in Amarillo, Texas. Later, Mr. Jackson started another small branch in the Midland Odessa area. In 1986 Mr. Jackson hired 18 year old Judy Geisler as secretary at the Lubbock branch. She worked there a couple of years and familiarized herself with the roofing industry and the overall operations of the everyday business. She was then asked to travel back and forth between all three branches making sure things were being properly ran . She made trips back and forth for a couple of years and in 1990 moved to Amarillo where she was brought in as a partner with the company. The Amarillo branch became her sole responsibility. The Amarillo company began to grow and being overseen by Ms. Geisler, provided excellence service and quality to its customers.

In 2000, Jim and Ronnie Roberts, two brothers with an extensive background in construction and insurance went to work part time for West Texas Roofing as sales representatives. They worked a few hours a week selling roofs and learning the business as they continued their set careers in the insurance industry. In mid 2000, Jim and Ronnie retired their respected positions within the insurance industry and bought out the Amarillo branch of West Texas Roofing from Tom Jackson and Judy Geisler. Ms. Geisler was retained by the Roberts brothers as the General Manager for the company. They immediately incorporated and became West Texas Roofing.

Plans were then laid to build the business and become a competitive, viable roofing company that could adequately cover the entire upper Texas panhandle. Together, Judy, Jim and Ronnie used the same foundation that had been set in stone years before to build a respectable roofing business. They placed forth the necessary dedication and commitment to provide quality service to its customers and offer it with honesty and integrity as so few other companies in this industry had done before.

West Texas Roofing has continued to grow has since moved from where it all began, in that little office on 3rd Avenue. They have built a larger, more modern facility on the southwest side of Amarillo. The company has continued to flourish. Over the years they have provided service to many thousands of residential customers.

They have additionally brought in their youngest brother, David Roberts and together partnered with Ms. Geisler, have expanded their commercial business by over 400%. West Texas Roofing. and all who are associated with it will continue to do “business as usual” by standing behind the services they offer, making sure customers are taken care of in all instances and providing a quality roof for an honest price.

West Texas Roofing will never forget that “the roof we install protects everything our customers own”.

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